Monday, November 29, 2010

Asian Tomboy

Tomboy is awesome!
I like their style..
And what do you think about a tomboy girl?
They're handsome as a boy, and beautiful as a girl..
Thats great right?
Ok, let's trade the pics..^^
Hua Lu [Chinese Ulzzang]

Yang Yang [Chinese Ulzzang]

Amber Liu [F(x)]
JuNike [Chinese Ulzzang]

Lee Tae-Gyun/Jung Da-Eun [Korean Ulzzang]


  1. Does Ju Nike have a filipino blood?

  2. Are their girlie pictures real?? How could Junike and tae gyun be so flat-chested when in their tomboy style but have boops in their girlie syle?? I'm confused.. =.=

    1. yes they're real.. u can googling it.. :)
      they used different bra than us.. :)
      A tomboy bra.. thats why they looks so flat.. :)